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As Christmas draws nearer, a lot of gift shopping is already finished.
However, there are those gifts that we feel obligated to buy for people–and we really don’t know what to get them–we just feel obligated to give them SOMETHING tangible.
That’s how people end up with clutter.  That’s how you have probably accumulated some of your clutter, right?
You get something.  It’s a nice gesture.  But you don’t really care for it.  You won’t use it.  You feel bad getting rid of it.  But you keep it around anyway.
When you keep something around that does not serve a purpose in your life that you don’t even like, you are putting a damper on your happiness and productivity.
So why do that to someone else?
In these last shopping days, please consider this–and don’t buy those cluttery gifts for people!  If you must, give out coffee gift cards in small amounts.
In order to change traditions, we need to stop talking about them and start taking action.  If you want to stop getting clutter–stop giving it!
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