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It’s pretty common knowledge that most Professional Organizers are obsessed with stick on command hooks.

My tip for the week:  use them!


Command Hooks

More specifically–for backpacks!

Time and time again, I have heard people complain about their kids throwing their backpacks down on the floor when they return home from school.

There’s a reason kids do this–it’s because the backpacks don’t have a place!

Sure, a command hook won’t solve all problems, but it can help!  When you issue a “hang up your backpack!” reminder, there is a quick, clear solution.

Bonus:  The hooks take no time to hang up, won’t damage paint, and you don’t have to drill!

Win win!

For more command hook ideas, simply type “command hooks” into the search box on Pinterest–then let the ideas flow!  🙂

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