We all want our children to be ready for school and life. How?
It all starts at home.

Research shows that play is one of the most effective ways to promote learning and social-emotional development. As adults, we know that the right work and home environment can make or break our productivity. The same is true for children.

In order to maximize quality play and learning, the environment must be set up in an appropriate and intentional manner.

Let’s face it – the internet is full of amazing, Pinterest-perfect solutions. Most of the time, however the organizing “hacks” presented online are complicated, hard-to-maintain and NOT kid friendly. We work with parents to identify their children’s strengths to create intentional environments that promote calm, independent play (along with simple clean up solutions that children can often maintain themselves!)

Working as an Early Childhood Educator in the Seattle area for the past ten years has helped Stacy to develop her eye for environments.  In fact, some of the most revered learning  philosophies (Montessori, Reggio Emilia, Waldorf) consider the environment as one of the child’s most important teachers.

By utilizing Home Key’s services, your home will be transformed into a place that your child will flourish in.

Need ongoing support at home? We also provide ongoing weekly support for local families. Check out our Home Support Services!

Currently, we offer the following home organizing services in Seattle and on the Eastside:

One Hour Consultation

Need to get organized but don’t know where to start? A one-hour consultation is packed full of advice, suggestions, product recommendations and ideas. There is absolutely no pressure to purchase further sessions after this consult.

Three Hour Session

Get going with a three hour session. We’ll tour your home, discuss your needs and wants, make a quick plan of what needs to be done – then we’ll jump right in and do it!

Why three hours? Because we’ve found that’s the sweet spot for getting things done. More than three hours can be overwhelming and less than three doesn’t allow enough time for progress.

Interested in a big project?

We offer a 15% discount when 12+ hours are purchased at one time.

What can we do in three hours? Lots! Here are some ideas:
New Baby Organizing

Babies seem to come with lots of stuff, don’t they? Schedule Home Key for an appointment after your baby shower so that we can help you put away all your loot and set up your nursery.

Special Needs

Children with special needs often need a little more help when it comes to having a simplified, straightforward space. Let’s make sure that their environments are fully supporting them.

Back to School

August and September are great times to set organize bedrooms, entryways and mudrooms and establish effective homework spaces.

About Stacy, Lead Organizer and Founder of Home Key Organization

Stacy has been serving the Seattle area as a professional organizer since 2012. She has worked with several families to develop straight-forward systems for their home and life. She has appeared on Evening Magazine, New Day Northwest and Q13 News in addition to contributing to many popular blogs and publications. She currently lives in Capitol Hill with her husband, Dave, and her cats, Darby and Momo.