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What a GREAT time I have been having these past couple of days.  I have had the opportunity to work with quite a few families on organizing their homes to bring a new sense of calm and productivity.


On Saturday, I worked with a family who has been facing some challenges in the past couple of years.  With a son with chronic illness and some special needs, Mom has been giving her all to keep things together to keep him in school.  (Seriously–the parents I work with blow my mind sometimes with their dedication!)  Since he does a lot of school work from home, we decided to take control of their clutter so he can focus better and hopefully have more energy.


Letting Light Into Your Home Seattle Organizing

Before:  The family had this GREAT entertainment armoire.  Unfortunately, it blocked all the sunlight from coming into their home!

Clear your clutter with Home Key Organization Seattle Organizing


When your busy, clutter builds up FAST!  Even laundry can be hard to handle–especially when you don’t have a surface to fold it on!

Special Needs Seattle

Whether your child has special needs or not, clutter can add to the stress that both of you experience.

Special Needs Seattle Organizing


Overwhelming–yet so much potential!
Clutter and ADHD


The family does a lot of reading together on the couch–but clutter can distract from these special times.

ADHD Seattle


After:  Mom found this GREAT TV stand at Goodwill.  Now the light can come in and energize the family!

Chronic Illness Seattle

The front door is welcoming, rather than draining.

ADD Homework Help

Gorgeous rug and couch–did you even notice these before?  Also, that box on the table is full of activities that Mom and son can do together.

Home Organizing Seattle

A welcoming family room where everyone can relax, bond, learn and enjoy the process!

Special Needs Seattle


Homework space–son has a tutor come in, so this space will be less distracting for him, and hopefully he can get more out of his time with his tutor.

Autism SeattleAll supplies and books are accessible.


What a GREAT time!  (Seriously, I LOVE doing this!)  Being able to help out a family is a true honor to me.


Does your child have special needs?  Have you been helped by organizing your house?  Share your thoughts in the comments!


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