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Just wanted to share some photos from yesterday’s organization session!

playroom organization


We finished the playroom!  Simple toys, accessible to the little ones.

kids organizing

Building materials all in one spot–and the top of a low shelf makes a great place for sitting OR a great place surface!

Seattle Organizing

Art materials by the table.  And that white board in the back?  It will go on the wall for magnets!

Kids Organizing Seattle

These boys LOVE cars, so we made sure to have plenty of vehicles accessible in their space.



Games are available for 1:1 play with grown-ups.

Dress Up Organizing

Dress up – hooks on the wall to make it simple, a mirror on the back of the door, and more dress up clothes in an owl basket on the other side.

Kids Organizing Seattle
Dollhouse on the floor, with the furniture to the left.

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