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Many people are quick to go out and buy organizing  and storage products when they start their project – but that’s not always the best idea.

Why? I’ve talked about it before – usually, if you already have too much stuff, buying more stuff doesn’t help right away. Plus, you can usually use things around your house to organize at first without spending money.

However, there are some organizing products that I do recommend.


Here is my checklist for which organizing products I prefer:

It has to usable in more way than one. If it only works in one part of my house and I change my system, it will quickly become useless. I make sure I buy organizing supplies that can work in at least two rooms. Example? I use one of my favorite products, Ikea Skubb, in my office, in my bedroom drawers, and in my kitchen. Multi-purpose!

It has to look good. Containers have to go with your decor – otherwise, you won’t want to use them.

I have to need them. Don’t buy storage items because they are cheap or on sale just to have them – buy them when you need them and they fit your aesthetic.

If it is for long term storage, it has to stack.  Using vertical space is important, especially in storage situations. I love stacking boxes in fun colors. I tend to buy these kinds of containers in packs of six or so that I’m not running around town to find the same one in the future when I need more – you can always store the full ones inside the empty ones until you need them.

I will be reviewing different storage and organizing supplies in the future, so stay tuned!

(Full disclosure: this post contains affiliate links, which means if you use this link to buy, I get a small commission.)

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