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Shopping is fun--but isn't it part of how you got into this mess in the first place

Shopping is fun–but isn’t it part of how you got into this mess in the first place?

I was getting all geared up to write this newsletter about one of my favorite organizing products.
But you’ll have to wait a week.
Before getting into my favorite organizing products, I wanted to give some reasons why I don’t promote organizing products all that often.

It’s not just the products that make this closet so pretty–it’s a lot of work, styling, clutter reduction and hard decisions.

They Are Expensive
So many organizing products just cost a lot of money.  If you’re working with me already, you’re already putting out money to get organized, and if it’s not in your budget, I don’t want to make you spend more.  Let’s try to work with what you have.
They Are Complicated
Organizing products are often designed to make our lives easier–yet they lend themselves to complicated systems.  If you’re having a hard time staying organized in the first place, adding two or three extra steps to the process isn’t going to help.
They Are Not “One Size Fits All”
Just like I personalize your organization session to you, your products should be personalized to you, too.  If it works really well for one client, it may not work for the next.  Usually I like to have us have an organizing session under our belt until I recommend any kind of product.  Why?  I can more easily recommend things to fit your needs as I get to know you.
When You’re About To Purchase An Organizing Product…
Ask yourself the following questions:
Where (EXACTLY)  in my house will this go?  Not just what room, but what wall, what corner, what exact spot on the shelf will it fit into?
What (EXACTLY) will go in it?  What is it about the container currently holding those things that isn’t working now?  
How will it make my life easier?  
With anything we buy, there should be thought given.  After all, these things are living in our homes–and they’re not paying rent.
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