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I have tried for years to pare down my wallet to just the essentials.

I’ve tried tiny and thin wallets. Change purses. Money clips. That is, until I finally came to the terms that I just need a big wallet to hold my stuff.

So often we think having smaller things is more efficient – and it is, a lot of the time. However, if something small is not serving your needs, there is no point in keeping it around.

Here’s an example:  my key ring.


Yes, it’s huge. Yes, I have a lot of keys. I have tried to pare down many times. However, I just don’t have a good enough memory to remember to grab extras if I’m going somewhere – so it makes sense for me to carry around the keys that I need, even if I only need them every few months or so.

Say you have 250 books. Only 200 fit on the shelf, but you’re not willing to part with the other 50. It will be necessary to get a bigger shelf. In this case, bigger is better. You can find them easy because they’re all in view. They’re not in stacks on the floor stressing you out.

By making sure we have adequate storage to house the things that we care about, we are showing respect to both our items and our homes.

Is there anything in your life organizing-wise where “bigger is better” has proven to be true? Comment below or visit us on social media to share your thoughts.

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