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Outdoor Toy Organizing


In your home, everything must have it’s own space–that way, when it is time to clean up, everything can be put away with ease.  Additionally, when it’s time to find something, you will know exactly where it is.

The same goes for the outdoor areas of your home.  Having attractive, appropriate storage available for outdoor items is a huge part of effective clean up as well as finding items easily.

There are a number of materials that can be used for storage.  Of course, I recommend finding things you already have that might work.  Buckets, baskets, and canvas bags work great!

Make sure that whatever containers you use properly fit what you are storing.  Storage is only practical when it’s not overflowing.  And remember–if an item is faded from the sun and yucky and you don’t want to use it–toss it!  It’s clutter!

Here in Seattle, our summer days go by WAY too fast–getting organized can help reduce the stress so we can enjoy them more!

I have some openings for June available–get a hold of me at (877) 204-5391 and let’s get to work!

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