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I was at a picnic yesterday, and there’s a good chance I’ll attend at least one more before the end of the week.


While I love food and picnics, nothing irks me more than when things are piled on the table nonsensically.  I bet we’ve all tried to balance our plate while putting ketchup on a bun while trying to get a drink and not being able to find a cup.


Here are a couple of tips to make your life easier–let me know what you think!


Always have one more table for the food than you think you need.  It’s easy for people to bring things, and the table gets CROWDED–then things get missed.  (I’m including a picture of my dream picnic table–look how organized!  If you can take that concept of spacing and apply it to your set-up, it will be lovely!)

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Don’t worry about separating silverware–but if you must, use something heavy like a jar or flowerpot to hold them.  Otherwise, throw them in a basket!

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Short a table?  Plunk down a blanket. Great for kids, as well as adults who just want a change of pace!


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Last tip:  enjoy your summer!  I know I am.  Want to enjoy it even more?  Call Home Key for an organization session 🙂

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