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how pinterest can help eliminate clutter


If you follow me on Pinterest, you probably know that I’m a little bit of an addict.  I love gathering ideas and sharing them with my followers!


This week, my tip is to pin.  Pin it!  Go on, pin it!  I truly believe Pinterest can help eliminate clutter.  How, you may ask?


Pinterest can be used as a shopping substitute.   Some call it online hoarding.  I say call it what you want, but a virtual board of pictures takes up a lot less space than a closet full impulse-bought junk!


Pinterest can help to organize your thoughts and ideas in a non-conventional way.  This can help later when it comes to paring down–if you’re planning a party, you have initial options to go through, as well as things to delete later.


Pinterest is entertainment.  Forget the DVDs–Pinterest can be done on any old computer (meaning no fancy equipment is needed) and is funny and engaging.


Pinterest is inspiration.  Sounds cheesy, but many of the quotes I pinned on Pinterest helped move my thoughts along to start Home Key Organization a year ago.
How Pinterest can help eliminate clutter
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