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Summer is coming, and like it or not, along with summer comes wedding season.

I particularly like wedding season this year, as my own wedding will be taking place on August 20th. Yay!

My fiance and I got engaged at the end of January, but we have been been taking small steps toward wedding planning for the past year or so.

One of the things that is important to me in our wedding is not to be stuck with a bunch of meaningless stuff afterwards – for us or for our guests.

Here are some things that I am doing to achieve this goal:

Forgoing  “Save the Dates”

It’s an extra cost, and we have told most people of the date anyway. We will send our invites out a little earlier than we normally would with Save the Dates. Plus, it’s an extra piece of paper.

Buying wedding decor that we love and can use later

Our wedding decor is a mish-mash of vintage colored glass that I’ve been collecting over the past few years. It will be beautiful and simple, but will also look great in a hutch or on a shelf later. Often at Goodwill I see tons and tons of the same vases for sale, obviously used for a wedding. Because our decor is not plain and has some variety, we can display it for years to come.

Bridesmaids dresses that (they say) they will wear again

I decided to pick out a simple bridesmaids dress that came in a variety of colors so that it can be worn again. If it’s not of their style, it is informal enough that it can be donated and someone will get some use out of it. It would also make a great contribution to a clothing exchange!

Going favorless

As of right now, we will not have wedding favors at our wedding. Most of them seem to get left behind anyway. I say “as of right now” because Dave seems to be into the idea, but we will have to figure out something REALLY cool for me to agree to it.


My wedding shoes are awesome and I will definitely be wearing them again! The heels are high enough to make my legs look great, but low enough for dancing.

I will keep you all updated on the process and how I am keeping it clutter free as we move along in the process!

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