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 Post Halloween Clutter Control

Ahh, it’s November 1st and Halloween is over!  Time to shift our focus to Thanksgiving!

Not so fast!  You have some work to do.  This is your first duty towards making the upcoming holidays less stressful and it involves…cleaning and organizing your Halloween items.

Sorry.  I know that might not be how you want to go into November, but it is necessary, so here we go!


Compost or throw away your pumpkins, whatever suits your fancy and is available in your area.  It’s unlikely you’ll be able to make a pumpkin pie unless you do it TONIGHT.   Whatever you decide to do, get it off your porch before it becomes a rotting mess.  You’ll feel better, trust me.


You have a few options:

1.  Donate your costume(s).  This opens up space for next year’s costume, and frees up a year’s worth of costume space.  If you must keep something, keep just the fun accessories for dress-up later.

2.  Put the costume(s) in with your Halloween storage.  Keep just one or two costumes for “emergencies” and scrap the rest.

3.  Exchange a costume with a friend–now!  That way, you will have something new for next year, without having to rush around at the last minute.


Throw out the stuff you know you’ll never eat.  Better yet, throw out most of it since you might just regret eating it anyway.  Do the same for your child, and teach about moderation.


Get rid of all but one thing that your child has made (they will make more next year, believe me!)–one per year to save is great.  Take pictures of the items you throw away beforehand and put them in with your Halloween memories.

Pack everything away into one box.

I hope that wasn’t too hard!  Now you’re ready for holidays to come!  Though it may be a wild ride, at least you have Halloween out of the way!

Need help before the holidays?  Schedule your organization session with me today and see your family’s awe when they visit your home this coming month!  Organizing for the Seattle area and surrounding.

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