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How many times have you walked into someone’s home and coats are EVERYWHERE?  On the railing, on the couches, on the floor–everywhere but in the closet?

That’s what this week’s tip is about–getting the coats in your entryway looking great!

The first step I recommend to people when cleaning up the entryway for coat storage is to take all the coats and put them in the closet.  This could be a coat closet on the main floor of your home, or, if you don’t have one, put them in the closet of each family member’s bedroom.

Next, find a place on the wall to place 1-2 hooks per family member – lower ones for the kids, and higher ones for adults.

Then, when you wear a coat out, hang it on one of the hooks you have hung up.  If the hook starts to accumulate several coats, bring the excess up to your room and hang them in the closet.

The trick is to realize that generally there is not enough storage space in an entryway to store ALL the family coats.  It’s just not realistic.

It’s also not realistic to assume that you are going to go to the trouble to put your coat on a hanger each and every time you come in.  Plus, for children, this isn’t even realistic–younger children are not at the stage yet where they have the motor skills for this.  And older children…well, let’s make it easy on them.  The harder some things are, the less likely they are to do them!


Sas Interiors


Here is an AWESOME example via SAS Interiors (  Jenna, an interior designer, has found the perfect way to accommodate all family members with this coat hanging set up!


What’s your coat hanging strategy?  Stop by  my Facebook page and let me know if this tip inspired you!  Pictures are welcomed!

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