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This week’s tip isn’t kid-specific, but it is incredibly important if you are a parent.
My business is called “Home Key Organization” and I LOVE the symbolism of keys.  They are a tool to entry of the things you want.
So, if you can’t find your keys…where are you going?
You are STUCK.
According to this article from,
“A total of 3,680 hours or 153 days is spent searching for stuff, over our lifetimes.”
That’s a LOT of time!
Here are a couple of recommendations I make for key storage–going along with this month’s entryway theme.
1.  A Key Tray
I LOVE and prefer using a tray for keys.  Why?  A couple of reasons:
The sensory experience of keys hitting a hard surface is satisfying (sounds stupid, but try it!)
It takes just one second–you don’t have to think about it
Decorative trays can be fun and cute.
A couple of things to keep in mind if you have kids, though:
Keep your key tray at a height where younger kids can’t reach it–it’s VERY fun to get the keys and press the car alarm button if you’re two.
Give your kids their own lower key tray for their “play keys” – it’s never too early to develop good habits!
2.  A Key Hook
Key hooks are usually not the first recommendation I make.  Putting keys on a hook takes approximately three seconds longer than a key tray, meaning people are less likely to take action.
If you do want your keys on a hook, look at the following factors:
Is the key hook big enough and noticeable enough?
Is it in a place that is convenient to the entry to your home?
Is it crowded among a lot of other keys?
Do you actually use it?
If you answered no to any of these, it may be time to reconsider.



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