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Many organizers make beautiful, perfect systems.  While that is nice, with kids, it is often not realistic.
Kids need things simple.  Though it’s good to have high expectations of your children, it’s also important to make sure that what you are expecting is reasonable for their age and level of development.
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When organizing for Meeghan’s eight year old daughter on Evening Magazine, I made sure that everything that I did would make things easy for her.  Shoe rack?  Nah, I put the shoes in a box for her to dig through.  When they get dumped out on the floor, putting them back in the box will take no time at all.
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Have a toddler?  Expect them to be able to put away 4-5 things–and then let them go.  Keeping the experience positive for them is what will make them continue to want to clean up.  If you make them pick up the whole room, it could become a power struggle.
On this note, keeping kids rooms very sparse of toys will help with this.  You wouldn’t believe the calm that I experience from kids after everything is pared down and put away.
Everyone is different–give some thought to how your kids react to different environments.  Make sure what you’re expecting fits their skill level–and enjoy the peace.
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