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The holidays are coming…and this means an influx of STUFF.

One of my favorite things to do right before the holidays (okay, it’s my favorite thing to do any time!) is something that I call “reverse shopping.”

Basically, I go through my house, pick out things that I don’t want anymore and put them in a bag. I then donate them to Goodwill.

How do I choose what to ditch? Here are some guidelines I use.

Clothes: Do I feel good when I wear it? Has it been in disrepair for more than six months? Do I avoid wearing it because something is wrong with it?

Knick-knacks: Do I love it? Is it cause more annoyance than joy? Are my shelves starting to get too cluttered for anything to really stand out?

Dishes: When was the last time I REALLY used it? Is it something I save for entertaining (but then use paper dishes when I do entertain)?

Reverse shopping is a really easy way to make some quick decisions. And do you know what? I never regret getting rid of these items – honestly, most of the time, I don’t even remember what went out, because the items really weren’t that important to begin with.

Do you have any fun or quirky strategies that you use around your house to get organized?


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