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Just jumping on board?  Read here about the one small, non-overwhelming task per week for 2014!


This week, let’s zero in on the things that clutters so many entryway floors:  shoes!


There are lots of ways to tame shoes, of course, you just have to find what’s right for you.


My favorite ways to contain shoes?  Well, it’s a little different for each age group.


For kids, I LOVE having a basket for them to keep them in.  There’s no perfection, there’s no trying to keep them lined up.  Just a basket or bin to throw them in when they get out of control.


A word of caution:  Don’t overfill!  If there are too many shoes for the chosen storage space, relocate some to another area of the house–a child’s closet generally has enough space for a few extra shoes.  


For adults, a bookshelf can work just right.  Adults can usually be a little more exact in their shoe clean-up.


Why am I not recommending a shoe rack?  Because I don’t use one!  Often, shoe racks are flimsy and not practical for families with children.  Even in adult-only households, they’re almost always over-full!


That’s it for the week.  Play with shoe solutions, see what you can come up with.  Take pictures!  Then send them my way on Facebook to show your work!

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