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Summer is starting–why not set up a good habit in the midst of this mellow, fun and sunny season?


Mail is one of the biggest enemies of my clients.  Paper comes in, it is useless, and then it just hangs out, cluttering the house…for a long, long time.


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Creating a simple system for mail can help with this unnecessary clutter.  I recommend putting a recycle bin and shredder right inside the entry to your home.  Shred documents that you won’t need, such as credit card applications right when you receive them.  Throw things in the recycle bin that don’t need to be shredded.


Keeping things off of the kitchen counter or entry table will save you a lot of space and time.  Look at it ONCE–and then get it out of your life!


I, myself am excited for summer.  I just did an interview and photoshoot for the Parenting section of Seattle Magazine.  I will be in the August issue!  I am so grateful for all the opportunities coming my way.  Thanks to all of YOU so much for supporting Home Key Organization!

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