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I got engaged a couple of weeks ago.

This is the most beautiful and exciting thing that has happened in my life so far. When I turned thirty a couple of years ago, I gave up on finding a mate and decided to move forward with having children in my life by becoming a foster parent.

Two weeks after I completed my initial foster parenting training, I met Dave, my fiance.

It’s funny how life works!

One of the most interesting stories about our engagement is that of my ring, which I wanted to share with you today.  Why? Because this ring has already spent it’s life cutting clutter?

How? Read on!

Shortly after my now fiance and I got together we knew we would want to get married. I met a jeweler in my networking group who proclaimed that she worked with people’s “jewelry junk piles” – reusing and repurposing old jewelry to create fun new pieces.

After seeing this blog entry about how she made an engagement ring AND earrings out of an old ring, I knew that I had to have her make and design my engagement ring.

My first thought was of my Mom’s ring. My parents were married for 22 years, but eventually divorced. Since their divorce, both of my parents are happily remarried (and have nice new rings for their nice new spouses.)

However, my Mom did have a diamond ring from when she was married to my Dad. I asked her if she still had it and if I could have it and she said yes!

My aunt is also divorced and let me have some diamonds from one of her old rings, too.

What I love about this process is that we were able to take clutter – even though it was diamonds, it was still clutter – that had some not-so-nice feelings attached to it and turn it into something fresh and new and loved.

My step-mom also had some old jewelry that she gave me, complete with two more tiny diamonds and some gold that we were able to scrap and credit towards the cost the ring,

On top of that, I had two family members give me some other gold to scrap and put toward the cost of the ring.

Photo courtesy of Everling Jewelry on Instagram - please visit them at to see their amazing work!

Photo courtesy of Everling Jewelry on Instagram – please visit them at to see their amazing work!


I was high rolling on diamonds – but what to do with them all?

I had always envisioned having a twin diamonds ring. I love the symbolic nature of two and how it represents partnership and togetherness. Often, this design is called “Toi Et Moi”, which means “You and Me” in French.

The final (and biggest diamond) came from a necklace that my step-mom gave me. This necklace wasn’t clutter – it was beautiful and I wore it often. However, I would wear my engagement ring more, so I opted to have the diamond replaced with a pearl so that I could use it in the ring.


Photo courtesy of @EverlingJewelry - Visit Everling Jewelry on Instagram or at

Photo courtesy of @EverlingJewelry – Visit Everling Jewelry on Instagram or at

I worked with Adrienne at Everling Jewelry to design the ring – she sketched it out, and I picked the design I liked. After that she made it, sized it and I didn’t see it until we got engaged!

The whole process was absolutely wonderful. I love how we were able to reduce waste, save money and create something meaningful.

Clutter is like that, yes? One person’s trash (or failed marriage, or junk, or whatever..) is definitely another person’s treasure. I try to remind my clients of that. Sometimes the unused things in your home can be donated or given elsewhere to make someone very, very happy – you never know where it might end up and who it might bring joy to!


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