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When you are feeling overwhelmed, where do you go to calm down?


My sunroom!  My happy place.

My sunroom! My happy place.

As adults, we are able to have control over our environment.  We can give ourselves what we need when we need it, within reason.
For children, this may not be true.  Children often overwhelm more easily than adults, and don’t yet have the tools to calm themselves.


So often, there is no child space in my client’s homes where the children can just go to relax.  There is space to play, to learn, to interact–yet no where to just go chill, read a book, and catch their breath.




If you have a child who can be hard to calm, consider creating a space just for them where they can “get away” from it all.  This is even more important if you have more than one child–children should not be expected to play together all the time.


Do you have an amazing space for your children to spend time relaxing?  Send it to me!  You can email me at or post it to Home Key Organization’s Facebook page.


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