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When I first got asked to collaborate with, the first thing that came to mind was that I don’t believe in storage. Storage is for people who don’t have things together right? Storage is for people who have too much stuff , who pay have it stored off-site and never look at it, spending thousands of dollars per year to maintain things that aren’t even relevant in their lives.

However after thinking about it for approximately 2 minutes, I realize that this simply wasn’t true. In fact I had a storage unit before, earlier in my life when I had to move from my college town of Olympia, Washington back to Seattle. I scored a 5 week house-sitting gig with the most annoying dog on the face of the planet. (This was hard especially for a cat lady such as myself. ) It would have been pointless for me to move all my stuff into the house when I was house-sitting, and to be honest it wasn’t even enough space to keep it all there. So I got a storage unit to hold all the furniture and belongings that I didn’t need for 5 weeks while I was house-sitting.

However that’s not the only time that you might need storage. As I thought more about it there were many many scenarios in which it would be something that is helpful or even essential for your life.

Here are five different things I could think of where storage might be helpful in the next five to ten years for me:

Moving. Moving is a HUGE transition – and often things don’t line up perfectly. Sometimes you have to stay places temporarily in between buying and selling a place. My fiance and I are hoping to have a house built next time around – and who knows how that will all play out!

Babies. I live in less than 700 square feet. To tell you the truth, I already have baby clothes (mostly special things from my goddaughter’s babyhood) stored at the storage unit on site at my place. However, I can totally see having to store things off-site between kiddo number one and kiddo number two (Yes, I plan WAY ahead! No, I’m not pregnant!) to avoid having to re-buy certain things. Many of my clients have basements full of baby stuff for the next one – a luxury that I just won’t have in my small condo!

Furniture. I have some beautiful pieces of furniture that I can’t bear to get rid of, but will definitely use when I live in a bigger place.

Wedding decor. It's stored nicely enough, but still driving me crazy.

Wedding decor. It’s stored nicely enough, but still driving me crazy.

Right now. I am getting married in August and the wedding decorations are already taking over my house. My front closet has four huge boxes of stuff that is weighing on my soul. Under my dresser or two more boxes of cute little lanterns. When I heard that Sparefoot has full-service, storage on demand available it was like a dream come true. I am so excited to have my decorations hauled away, then delivered back in August when it’s wedding time!


Do you need storage? Stay tuned! SpareFoot has generously donated 3 months of on-demand storage for me to give away! I will be announcing the details next week. 


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