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Taming the Beasts

Ah, the dreaded stuffed animal revolt! You start with just a few, and before you know it, they are overtaking your space in large numbers. There are a few things that come to mind when taming the masses–though it’s up to you to make the final decision!



I’ve always been a big fan of high shelving close to the ceiling for all the random odds and ends that are hard to get rid of. This includes sentimental stuffed animals, etc. Just remember–you will have to dust it!


The back of a couch or futon that leans against the wall is perfectly suited for stuffed animal storage. In a living room it might be kind of obnoxious, but if you have something of this sort in your kid’s bedroom it could be very cute.



Beanbag Storage

There are a bunch of products out right now that include a big pouch for stuffed animals, and double as a beanbag. Genius! These can be ordered online by searching under “Boon Animal Storage.”


Over the years, people have used toy hammocks for their stuffed animals, which work really well. They’re up, out of the way, and cute.

But what happens when it gets to be too much?

One In, One Out

Once your stuffed animal storage system has been determined, keep it in one area only! They’re sweet, I know, but let me assure you, this is part of their strategic takeover. When a new one arrives, free an old one. Donate old toys to a local charity.

Special Moments

Your child probably has a couple special animals, and a few others that he or she would never miss. Discuss with your kids the need for space in your home and getting rid of things that aren’t used frequently. This teaches giving as well as living with less clutter.

Watch What Comes In

When you go to the fair, avoid playing any games where you win useless junk. And though Build-A-Bear seems like a lot of fun, do you really need an overpriced, overdressed bear or two losing its shoes in your playroom? Always bear in mind when you pull out that credit card, “How will I feel about this toy in six months? How will my child feel about it? Is it THAT important?”

There is more you can do, but acknowledging how things will make you feel in the long run helps a lot. Your level of consciousness can help influence your children to make good choices in the future when it comes to purchases and space management.

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