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Summer is by FAR my favorite season.  Mostly because of the weather, but also because of the magic.  Summer is a time where all is right in the world.  Summer is when all the epic things happen.  Summer is paradise…and time for vacation!


I spent yesterday with my best friend, who I have known since kindergarten, exploring the Santa Monica Pier and Venice Beach.  (“Swim out past the breakers, watch the world die” …Anyone?  🙂  I’ve had a blast, but of course, I couldn’t take a vacation without writing about how to stay organized and sane before and after…




Travel OrganizingWhen I travel, it’s important to me to get everything in place at home.  I do NOT want to be stressed when I leave–and having my house put together so that I can return to a calm, clean, serene home is of the utmost importance.


Vacation Organizing



This doesn’t have to be complicated!  Sometimes it’s just about making your bed, taking the garbage out, and making sure the dishes are clean.  These seem like small steps, but it makes a WORLD of difference when you come home after a long day of travel.


To add to that serenity, consider taking a day off after you get back, or working from home.  Transitioning back home from a vacation can be stressful!  Take a day to do laundry, make a couple of meals for the upcoming week, running any necessary errands and then taking a couple of hours to relax.  Empty our your luggage and store it for your next adventure.


Though my time here in California is short and it’s back to Seattle tomorrow, I am enjoying myself greatly.  The ability to stay organized helps with positive vacation feelings.  A vacation should not be stressful!  However, some simple planning will make all the difference in the world.

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