We had Stacy come to our house for a consultation and brainstorming session about a month ago. I am a mom of two girls. I consider myself fairly organized, (hey, I’m a Montessori trained teacher for crying out loud!) but I had let things get out of control and was feeling paralyzed about where to even begin.

Stacy brings with her a great skill set from her years of working hands on with children in the classroom. She also has a good eye for design, details, and a practical approach that I appreciated very much. We sat in the girls bedroom and talked about the main priorities and problems.

As we talked Stacy offered advice that really got me excited about starting in earnest to transform our space back into a harmonious place for the girls to play. We talked about using things we already own in new ways, and some things I had not thought to do before. For example, Our youngest daughter had a dresser that was not working for her- she couldn’t open the drawers.

My oldest daughter had a sea of tiny toys and precious things that she wanted to keep “safe” from her sister, so she crammed them on her highest shelf creating a big eyesore of junk.

Stacy recommended using the dresser of toy storage and transforming the shelves into clothes storage for my youngest.


I was pretty fired up after out meeting and got to work. When Stacy sent me her plan it was very well thought out and helpful. Having it to refer to has been great as I implement the ideas we discussed. So, a month later after working to purge, organize and rearrange we are all so much happier with the living space! Stacy lit a fire in me that I was having trouble kindling myself.

Now, the girls rooms are a much more manageable and lovely place to play.

Thanks Stacy!

~Laura Skiles Bundy Certified Birth Doula (PALS, DONA)

“I had the pleasure of working with Stacy when she helped open the Early Childhood Center for a local synagogue.  The whole staff was impressed by Stacy’s professionalism and up-to-date knowledge regarding the the most effective practices with children.  She is dedicated to the work she does and motivated to put in the time necessary to achieve fabulous results.

Speaking as someone who is very organized myself, I was consistently impressed by Stacy’s ability to organize materials and programs in a manner that was most efficient and effective given our unique needs.  In addition, Stacy is personable, fun to be around, and great with children.”

–Ann Kelly, MIT – Special Education Teacher (Hazel Valley Elementary)

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“Our house didn’t look dramatically different after Stacy left, but it works SO MUCH better now!

In a small space with an almost-three year old and a one year old who is an into everything climber it can be a challenge to find ways to organize the kids’ stuff in ways that facilitate independent play, side-by-side time, and peaceful together playtime.  Stacy helped us re-think how our toys were organized so that the toys best suited to each child were most available to her – for example she put board books down low where they are most likely to catch the baby’s eye and the big kid paper books up a little higher, at big sister’s eye level.

Since the girls share a bedroom Stacy helped us rethink how we could find a special “private” space for each kiddo.  In the living room one of the big conflict areas is around the play kitchen – while nothing in it is unsafe for our one year old she isn’t quite old enough for that sort of imaginative play.

Stacy re-organized the shelves under our window seat to become more compelling to our youngest – now instead of barging in on big sister’s playtime she heads for “her” shelves where she knows she will find favorite toys that are just for her.

Stacy also managed to re-organize the kids’ dresser, shelves, and other clothing/diaper storage spaces so that nothing is under utilized, the girls’ clothes are separated AND our toddler can easily get to her own clothes for independent dressing and clothing selection.

Stacy came out and spent four hours with us almost a month ago, and the changes she made have continued to be lifesavers – we all enjoy our home more now and I can see a big difference in how our girls’ engage their play spaces, even though the furniture and toys are all the same! I highly recommend her services to anyone who wants a home that is organized, pleasing to inhabit, and supportive of the unique work, play, and challenges that come with being a child.”

-Alissa, Mom of 2

“Stacy, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for coming to our PTA meeting and doing your presentation. I have received many positive comments from the parents that attended our meeting on your presentation. I found some very valuable tips myself, now if I can just get motivated to make some changes at home to implement your ideas. Thanks again!”

Jenny McDowell, Brier Elementary PTA President

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