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Visiting schools is always inspiring for me. This morning, I visited a school that caters towards kids who learn a certain way – kids with dyslexia and language processing challenges.

This school has been around in the Seattle area for many years (I think it might be older than me, even!) and has recently moved into a permanent space. I visited the school last year in their old (temporary) location, and the vibe was definitely different in the new building.

When designing the new school, the school administrators asked the teachers what would be best for the students that they work with. They came up with concepts that focus on natural light with the windows in just the right places (either behind the kids or up high, so as not to be distracting.) They worked hard to soundproof the classrooms so that children who get overstimulated by extra noise would be able to focus better on their lessons.

This also reminds me of my old workplace, which was a beautiful new school for young children. So many of these families had gone to school at old, worn out buildings with decrepit materials for their whole lives. Going to a program who put care and thought into the environment and aesthetics was a huge deal for them.

People are important, yes. But without the right environment, there is only so much that people can do. Addressing our spaces is a crucial part of moving forward in this world.

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