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Bath toys seem to be a huge source of clutter in homes that no one really looks at.  And why not?  It may not seem like it impacts your life that much…at first.

Eventually, people start giving you things.  Rubber ducks.  Fun little knick-knacks from birthday parties.  Heck, even empty shampoo bottles get thrown in the bath toy pile!

What was something fun at first is now a broken-down, moldy pile of toys in your bathtub that your kids don’t even play with.

Here’s a couple of tips for you!

1.  Toss two things that are moldy.

Yeah, we all have those yucky bath toys.  It’s okay.  But get rid of them.  Mold is good for no one.

2.  Is your kid obsessed with an empty shampoo bottle?  Keep it!  (Then toss or donate another toy that he or she is not as into.)

3.  Have a container to hold all the toys?  Great!  Just make sure it truly holds all the toys!  If it doesn’t, pare down until things fit inside.

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