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Thirty One PArty

I’m having an online party for Thirty-One Gifts!  

They have GREAT organizing supplies, just in time for 2014!

My favorite is the utility tote, pictures above:  I use it to transport things from my home to my car every day!

Another great item I recommend:


This is the Room for Two Utility Tote:  it would be great for laundry, especially if you live in a condo like me and have to do a lot of transporting to another floor!  I think it’d look super cute in a baby’s room.

Many people don’t have hampers or a space for laundry in their child’s room, however, they expect their children to put their laundry away on their own.  News flash–they can’t if there isn’t a place to put it!

You can view or order this item here:  Room for Two Utility Tote.

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