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I use trays ALL the time when organizing.  In fact, most of the pictures from this week’s post are from my own home!


Trays are simple, cheap, and cute ways to keep things of the same category together while still keeping them accessible.


Try them in your kitchen–it’s a great way to make vitamins on the counter easily available, but still looking intentionally placed instead of a cluttery blob.


In the picture below, different kinds of soaps are kept on a tray by the kitchen sink.  A simple touch, but so much better, right?  Plus you get to enjoy the tray’s beauty instead of keeping it in the cupboard.


virtual organizing

In the bathroom, they can hold the supplies on your countertop–soap, makeup etc.  Anything that needs to stay on the counter but has to look cohesive with the bathroom’s neat look.  (Cause we all have neat and tidy bathrooms, right?!)


Enjoy the following pictures from my home, featuring some trays I have used over the years!


put it on a tray 3

Don’t be afraid to use trays to decorate, either!  This tea set sits in my kitchen for display, mostly!

toy organizing

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