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 Two Limits to Set In December to Make 2014 Easier


Many people wait until after the holidays to start setting good habits–starting a diet, buying less, getting organized.


However, making just a few good decisions now can make those New Year’s Resolutions that much easier.


Here are two things to try during the month of December to make your life easier in the upcoming year:


1.  Set a dollar limit on gift giving–and stick to it!


My mom has always been very clear about what her Christmas (and birthday) budgets are.


Many people see this as “tacky” — however, it has really helped me know what to expect and how to ask reasonably for what I really want.  Besides, we cannot truly change the world and consumerism until we start making changes of what is “tacky” or not.


My mother is the only person I’ve ever met who makes her dollar limit clear on gifts.  However, I have noticed this difference in myself over the years:


I do not expect too much for Christmas.


I do not feel at all deprived.


I have a normal amount of stuff in my home.


I don’t find myself “over gifting” to friends and family and am able to stay within my budget.


Not comfortable with setting a dollar limit?  Try this:  


  2.  Set a limit on the amount of items you will buy



If setting a dollar limit is too hard, set a limit on the amount of items you will buy for each family member.  When you do this, you are more likely to choose quality items that will last instead of buying any crap for your kids that might look appealing.


What about one Littlest Pet Shop Play Set instead of 25 LPS figurines?  A nice, practical Hot Wheels carrying case instead of another electronic track (when the first one is never used anyway?)


Think about these things–and let me know how it goes!

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