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Organizing with Jars

I love the Container Store and Storables as much as the rest of you.  (Actually, maybe MORE–I am an organizer, after all!)  However, today I am going to ask you to search your home for usable organizing items before ever setting foot into an organizing supplies store.


As fun as baskets and bins are, they can turn into clutter.  I have baskets in my home that have become empty as I get rid of things and just end up sitting there.


When working with clients, I often discourage buying organizing supplies until after our first session.  Why?  Because a lot of the things that we can use are right there in their home already!


Here are some suggestions:



Organizing with mugs


Virtual Organizing

Plastic Cups

Seattle Organizing

Try some of  these items next time you are getting organized–or, of course, call me to set up a session and I can help!


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