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I’ll say it – but don’t hate me.

I despise primary colors.

I think that primary colors in large amounts are over-stimulating for both kids and adults.

Buying kid-themed stuff in primary shades in moderation can add some cute pops of color to your environment. However, what do you do when your child gets older – and demands a more “grown up” space?

When organizing with families, I strongly recommend purchasing organizing supplies in colors that could work in several different rooms in your home. (This is, of course, when I recommend purchasing organizing supplies at all – read here to learn why I tell people to hold off.)

Kid products can be tempting, for sure – after all, they can be SO cute. But here are some tips that I offer when choosing containers that can be used over and over again in a variety of settings.

Go for neutral. No, it’s not quite as “fun”, but purchasing storage baskets in black, white or beige can result in the space feeling more calm and toned down. Bonus – it can be used in living in dining areas in the future if need be.

The blog “Making Home Base” offers a great solution in this picture:

Making Home Base


Buy patterned containers that can work for either gender. This can be especially helpful when it comes to baby/nursery organization. That way, it can be reused if you have more children.

I especially like these ones from Land of Nod – I even have a similar one in yellow polka-dot fabric!

Land of Nod

If you’re going primary, go for just one or two colors. It tons it down a bit while keeping it cohesive, yet still bright.

Love this blue from Brick and Glitter:


Also love the pink and purple on this one from HGTV. As the child gets older and they wanted to redecorate, they could choose one or the other as an accent color (and the leftover ones could go into a different part of the house!)


So, what should you look for when you go shopping? Here are questions to ask yourself:

Would this storage bin work in more than one room in my home?

Is this color/design timeless? Will it fit into my home as my style evolves?

Does this go with the other decor/organizing items that I have in place?

While organizing doesn’t have to be an expensive, task, the right supplies can really help to bring a space together. Like any investment, big or small, it’s important to think about how they fit into your home and life – otherwise they’ll just become clutter themselves!

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