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I had an organization project to do today.

Funny enough, it wasn’t for a client – it was for myself!

It wasn’t a minor one, either – it was my incredibly stuffed storage unit that is on the second floor of my condo building.

It’s funny – on my website I offer what I call “Home Key’s Super-Uncomplicated Decluttering Planning Sheet.” Without even going over that sheet, I found myself preparing myself in a very similar way.

This was my pre-organizing routine today:

Food.  A girl’s gotta eat, so I made sure I ate a substantial meal.

Coffee. I made an iced coffee to bring with me.

Water. It’s the hottest Seattle summer on record, so water was essential.

Proper Clothing. Normally I recommend something you don’t mind getting dirty, but since it was 90 degrees today and I was on my own, I ended up organizing in a bikini so I wouldn’t overheat.

Goodwill Bags. I brought two garbage bags to fill with things to give away.

Shopping Cart. I couldn’t carry it all, and my building has shopping carts available to transport heavy things. (Thank goodness – it would’ve taken MANY trips otherwise!)

I take similar steps when I am organizing with clients. Here’s some other things that might affect your organizing time:

Childcare. Every child is different – some will like organizing and some (most) will be very sensitive if they see anything to go to Goodwill. Consider sending the kids elsewhere for the duration of your organizing project.

Sleep. Make sure you’re well rested. I have some issues with fatigue, so making sure that I’m well rested is a must.

Mental Preparation. I enjoy organizing and decluttering so much that I can drop everything and organize at any point, for the most part. This is NOT true for everyone. If you’re organizing on your own and not mentally or emotionally ready for the process, if might not go well. Some people never feel mentally ready – many of these people call an organizer to help them along in the process.

Consider reading an organizing book or some organizing blogs the night before to inspire yourself. Often these books remind us why we want to be organized and what the benefits are, which can help the process a lot.

Duration. If you usually burn out after an hour or two of organizing, consider making a small organizing goal or tackling a small section at a time so that you can feel a little bit successful.

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