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With lots of transitions in my life lately, my home is changing.  My sweetie moved in with me, and navigating two people’s possessions in a small condo has been a bit challenging.  Luckily, we dedicate a lot of time and put a lot of thought into planning our space, which makes for less stress in general.


This is something that I see families facing all the time–when they add a new family member  they haven’t really thought about how it will affect their space.  They know the baby will need a room, or at least a place to sleep.  But beyond that, have they considered the items everyone is giving them?  Where will those go?  When the child gets older and starts getting gifts on a regular basis, where will those things go?


Part of having an organized home is having a space for absolutely everything.  For a lot of parents, when new toys or items come in, they just get pushed to the side or stacked in a corner.  It hasn’t been thought of where those things will go, and what needs to be given away or moved to make space.

While a lot of my clients who are facing difficulties with clutter don’t have kids–the ones that do are at a disadvantage.  Not only do you have lots of time built up adding items–the volume of items is way more because you have more family members in your home.


As your family grows, think about the long-term affects this will have on your home.  Not just their personal space–but the space in each room.  Plan accordingly when you buy new things–or when you receive gifts.

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