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As the days get shorter, does your house seem smaller?
If it doesn’t, it may soon.
November is the month where the gifts start coming in.  Flowers that come with new vases.  Cookies on platters.  Holiday decorations.  New toys.  Holiday party favors.  Santa pictures.  The list goes on.
Here are three quick things you can do to cut clutter this week to prepare for this influx:
1.  Choose three large toys that have been outgrown.
Why three?  So you won’t get overwhelmed.
Why large?  Because they take up the most space.  Play kitchens, sit n’ spins, baby swings…anything that is no longer usable for your family.
2.  Find three dishes from your kitchen that you will not be using this holiday season.  Donate them.
There may be that platter that sits around to “use for the holidays” that you like just kind of okay.  Maybe it was a gift that wasn’t really your style.  If you don’t want to use it, you shouldn’t–but it shouldn’t be in your home, either.
3.  Get rid of one blanket that you never like to use.
Blankets are one of those things that are hard to give up because they’re so big, but most families have way too many.  Many organizations are having blanket drives for the homeless this season–consider donating.
And as I recommended last year…don’t forget to compost the pumpkins before they start rotting on your porch!  🙂
November is also a PERFECT time to do an organization session.  Four focused hours with me can help you do the work that you know you SHOULD be doing.  My schedule fills up fast, so call today!  (877) 204-5391
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