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Now that I own a business, I analyze marketing a LOT more.

In marketing and buying, we are given a LOT of options.  So many, in fact, that we are becoming overwhelmed.

In this article from the New York Times, the concept of “Decision Fatigue” is talked about.  It’s said that when people are given a lot of choices, they are less likely to make a decision.

As an organizer, I feel like this is something very important to consider, especially when it comes to children and choosing toys to play with.  Often, kids are so overwhelmed with the choices presented that they choose to not engage at all, and to choose electronic toys, which are easier to interact with, or to choose less favorable activities.

It’s also overwhelming to choose a toy when you know that putting it away in a teetering stack of games and activities will be extremely difficult.  (Come on, adults – how many times have you discouraged a child from a project because it will be too hard to clean up?)


I wanted to talk a little bit about why I LOVE the Dollar Shave Club.

The Dollar Shave Club is a club that takes the guesswork out of buying razors.  They offer three different kinds of razors – The Humble Twin, the 4X an the Executive.  They are all affordable, especially compared to razors you buy at the store.

You make your choice of what you want, then you sign up for a monthly auto-payment through your credit card.

The razor then comes to you in the mail with the blades of your choice.  After that, each month you get a set of replacement blades, based on your order.

They also offer other products, but again, there are only three choices – no variance in size, scents, etc.

Here’s what’s cool:  Dollar Shave Club is incredibly successful.  There’s a lot of reasons for this – from their hilarious marketing to consistent social media posts – but I truly do believe that their success can be attributed to simplicity.

Something else fun – they send their razors each month with a little booklet called “The Bathroom News” that is humorous and enjoyable.  Can’t beat it!

My monthly razors in a cutely designed sleeve with Dollar Shave Club's monthly "Bathroom News" publication.

My monthly razors in a cutely designed sleeve with Dollar Shave Club’s monthly “Bathroom News” publication.

What can you simplifying in your home or life to make you or your family more successful?  Head on over to Home Key Organization’s Facebook page to discuss!

Want to sign up for the Dollar Shave Club?  You can use this affiliate link!  Full full disclosure – we get a $5 credit for each person that signs up under this link.  (David, my man, buys the razors in this household, that’s why it says that he referred you: )  This is NOT my motivation for writing this post by any means – I truly appreciate Dollar Shave Club’s simplicity and marketing.  But hey, if you sign up with this link and we both benefit, why not do it?

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