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Okay, so technically Ikea doesn’t sell the Expedit anymore – it’s changed to the Kallax, but it’s similar enough to me that I don’t really notice the difference.

I got my first expedit on the day after Halloween in 2005.  I was walking with a friend and found one that had 16 compartments (4×4) and dragged it home a block.  It has served me well ever since.

This type of shelf is the number one product that I recommend to clients – and there’s a lot of reasons why.

It can be used as a room divider.  

Room Divider

By placing one side against the wall and having the shelf jut out into a room, it makes a perfect semi-wall.  Need a visual?  Check out this blog post.  I have done this several times in the homes I have lived in, most recently to give some privacy to my sunroom bedroom and before that to create an office-y corner for my living room.

It’s relatively inexpensive.  

A 4×4 Kallax currently rings in at $139.  Yes, it’s particle board – but in general it lasts and is very versatile.  I’ve had a couple of shelves break, but I’ve just super-glued them back into place and put a basket over it to hide the breakage.  The two I own have lasted quite a while.  You can usually get them used, as well.


It can be used inside a closet.  

In A Closet

Need closet built-ins but can’t afford it yet?  Throw one of these babies in with some baskets and you’re instantly organized.  Don’t have a closet?  Make one! has specific plans on how to make a closet out of an Expedit.

They work great as dressers


Perfect for kids who just can’t fold clothes to fit in a drawer just yet – and for adults who just don’t want to.  This Mom did a great job – no dressers in her home, just Expedits!

Here’s a couple of examples of the Expedits in my home – always providing newness as they move around to fit my life’s needs at the time.

Bed Head Board


Room Divider


Office Catch All

Expedit 2


Expedit 3

Do you have an Expedit or Kallax in your home?  Is there any other furniture you love that has taken on many different personalities!  I’d love to see it!  Hop on over to Home Key’s Facebook page and share it on the wall!

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